The funny thing about life is that it’s unpredictable. With all the planning, arranging, forecasting we attempt you still cannot be promised of the outcome because we are not in control. I have learned to deal with life’s challenges as best I can but I say that with heavy words. I am a Taurus so it’s not easy for me. I can say anything just the way it is but extremely difficult not to forget my own advice and words in time.

My own life has been quite challenging. Many self-inflicted wounds have been produced only to recast themselves later in life with life altering obstacles. I have many faults and recognizing them has been monumental to preparing for facing every defiance, however I too can be blinded by my own stubbornness. I am a work in progress.

Throughout my relationships with friends, family, men and strangers I have learned a lot. Not everyone is there for a lifetime but some can be introduced into your life for a season or two. Hanging on to people that are there to teach you a life lesson can hinder the progression in the lesson itself. I think I have the letting go part mastered unfortunately…that’s easy to do when stubbornness is always a piece of work.

When a life storm comes through, I ride the waves. Sure I may feel like it’s too much, I cannot handle it or I may even feel like I want to run away from the storm and go somewhere sunny and bright. I’ve done that already. As a teen runaway I lived that life and suffered tremendously later. When I know that I am headed for a life storm now I make sure I have a steady umbrella to cover me from the all the crap that will come my way.





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