The Heartbeat of a Nightmare

Is it crazy to wake up from a nightmare and have an attitude?

I know most times we wake up and we are happy to see that the nightmare was not real. But honestly, just to be real for a second and don’t judge me but there have been a few times that I had a nightmare about my boyfriend doing something crazy in my dream. The ones that really spark my attitude are the ones that seems so real and scenarios are so believable that it BETTER be a nightmare or it’s doing down!! LOL

My kids are funny with their nightmares but my 6 year old in particular. He fights everybody in his sleep! Sometimes I have to get up out of my bed just to check to make sure he really isn’t trying to carry out his nightmares because my 8 year old may start talking back to him, mind you they are both sleep talkers! I remember waking him up one time and his eyes were bloodshot red with anger. Trust me, that was my last time doing that…now if I hear him I will just yell “Jibril, it’s just a dream. Calm down, you’re dreaming” and funny thing is he will stop until the next time.

A nightmare can just alter my entire sleep schedule if I am dreaming about insects, rodents or reptiles. My 8 year old is a reptile lover and I mean he has it bad. Although I am overcoming my fear of snakes slowly, very, very slowly I don’t find myself having as many nightmares about them after I have seen one on TV or when we go to the local reptile shows. That is a work in progress for me but progress is still being made in that area. I cannot recall the last time I had a nightmare about a reptile though.

Presently my 3 year old seems to be my walking, talking, breathing nightmare. LOL I love this kid to death and he is the youngest of 5 but please understand me clearly when I say I was set up. My daughter has spoiled this kid from day one! I had my son when my daughter was 15. Yeah big gap, I know. Sure I had a part in his rottenness too, come on he is the last Mohikan…but really she spoiled him better than I ever could have. But hold on, that’s not even the nightmare of it all…the kicker is that she is going to the Army in 17 days and leaving this little thing here with me to torture me as she has trained him to do.  Don’t get me wrong, he is a very lovable, adorable, talkative, charismatic, bright, funny and smart but he is hellbent on getting his way and I am too old…I can’t win with him. So welcome to my daily nightmare. Oh yeah and he doesn’t like waking up in the morning…since he seems to have a 3rd shift job that I don’t know about, he prefers to get up after 12 noon whenever possible, and I work a 9 to 5 AND he goes to daycare!! Just imagine how my mornings are going to go. I think I will just have to get him his dog that he has been asking for within 17 days so we can be friends because that kind of nightmare I am not ready for 24/7. Did I mention that this kid has no fear? LOL H-E-L-P


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